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Directional Control Valve With Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)-luductive Poslition Control The series of safety valves

  • HD-***-G02-DL-P-AC/DC

  • HD-***-G04-P-D-P

  • HD-***-G06-P-D-P

HDG02-DL-AC (single)

Description of Model


HD *** G0* DL
Directional control valve Spool type Valve size Wiring connection type
High flow wet pin solenoid
Directional control valve
(plug-in board type)
Refer to Technical Support
List of Spool Function

Din type
solenoid Controlled Pilot
Operated Directional Valve
Refer to Technical Support
List of Spool Function
G04:1/2 (DN16 nominal diameter)
G06:3/4 (DN25 nominal diameter)
Series NO. type NO. Voltage(V)
High efficiency and Low
current Solenoid Directional
control valve
Standaard High Flow
Wet Pin
design valve
AC110 AC220 DC12 DC24 RF110 RF220
50 60 50/60
P:Internal Pilot            D:Internal Drain
*P:External Pilot            *D:External Drain

Operation principle

  • The safety valves enables accurate spool positioning by the movement' on and off of the magnetic field and the position sensing point which built into LVDT(Linear variable differential transformer.
  • The output signals from the sensors and entering the industrial computer, by this operator data computing to comtrol ordrive hydraulic components


 A. The safety valves have 4 sizes:G02,G03,G04,G06 suitable for the use of the different flows of hydraulic components.
 B. Protection class reaches IP67,stainless steel housing is strong with beautiful.
 C. Electronic specificaton
lnput supply voltage 18~24VCD(±10%)
Recommended output current per channel ≦50mA
Max. output current per channel 400mA
Max.output drop ≦6V
Switch point deviation ≦0.5mmc
Ambient temperature 0~50°C
Protection class IP67

D.Statement of connector and wiring.
  1. VCC(18~28V DC)-Red wire
  2. Output B,White wire。
  3. GND,Black wire。
  4. Output A-Blue wire。
  5. The shield wire connected with the junction box
This switch is dedicated to the process of monitoring. When the trigger point is
reached, output A (4pin) non-conductive - normally closed; output B (2pin)
conductive-normally opened. The distance of switching operation is due to the
inner tube from the outer tube on the moving position or spool’s thread to adjust.


  1. When the LVDT(Linear variable differential transformer) is used in the inductive load, such as the inductive load, such as the motor, the relay coil,etc. If the contact point's contacts open(load circuits) will produce high induced voltage and the impact(instantaneous) of the high induced voltage may damege the LVDT(Linear variable differential transformer) or significantly reduce the safety valve life. For this reason, recommend that the client use a surhe protection device.
  2. Do not re-adjust the safety valve main body. Do not transfer the internal and external components of the safety valve. Do not change or transfer the thorottle body of the safety valve.
  3. The LVDT(Linear variable differential transformer) of the safety valve can only be set and checked by the manufacturer.
  4. The hydraulic system must ensure that the spools to avoid shock or vibration.
  5. Please avoid the safety valve fall to the hard ground from higher than 30cm.
  6. Please avoid the pollution of the hydraulic oils, otherwise , it will reduce the safety valve life even damage. Filters should use the filration:âX=75im,X = 25im class.
  7. The hydraulic oils should use the ISO VG45 degree's hydraulic oils and hydraulic fluid.

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