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Pneumatic Directional Magnetic Valve The series of pneumatic solenoid valves

  • AD15-30*

  • AS15-30*

  • AD25-30*

  • AS25-30*

  • AD35-30*

  • AS35-30*

HDG02-DL-AC (single)

Description of Model

Pneumatic directional
magnetic valve
AD*5 AS*5 AD15/AS15 AD25/AS25 AD35/AS35
Position One-way2-Position Two-way 2-Position Two-way 3-Position
Valve Size 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
Voltage AC110/50
No DC voltage

Coil Specifications

Applied Voltage Start Current(A) Holding Current(A) Allowable Voltage
AC110V50Hz/60Hz 0.65/0.6(A) 0.34A ±10%
AC220V50Hz/60Hz 0.35/0.3(A) 0.16A ±10%

Description of feature

Valve Size 302/PT 1/4 303/PT 3/8 304/PT 1/2
Effective Area 31mm² 40mm² 42mm²
Applied Pressure 0~10kg/cm²
Applied Temp 5~60°C
Response Speed Under 0.03sec
Frequency of the action 360times/min
Model AD15 AS15 AD25 AS25 AD35 AS35
Position One-way2-Position Two-way 2-Position Two-way 3-Position
Weight(kg) 1.4 1.3 1.8 1.7 1.8 1.7


  1. Special design makes start and maintain current minimum.
  2. Magnetic direct start makes the fast response speed and high flow through.
  3. Direct start switching without piloting pressure.
  4. Whole made of high-class aluminum alloy die-casting products,it is pleasing in appearance, light weight, small size.
  5. The main body and sub plate are separate assembly design, so the piping and installation easily.
  6. Unique processing technology, prompting spools operation smoothly and not easy to get stuck.


  1. The magnetic coil only provide AC110V,AC220V.
  2. The length of lead wire of magnetic coil is 200mm.
  3. Be sure to maintain the level of installation.
  4. Needing collocate with the F.R.C connection. Temp.Applied:5-50°C.
  5. Using of ISO VG32 for lubrication.(Don't use other oil to avoid the tubes and spools are damaged even malfunction.)
  6. In order to protect the valve using normally, please use of filtered below 40u.

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