High Efficiency And Low Temperature Low Current For Dc Solenoid Directional Control Valve HD-G02-Y/YV SERIES HD-G02-DC-Y/YV SERIES

  • HD-***-G02-DL-YV-DC

  • HD-***-G02-DL-YV-DC

  • HD-***-G02-DL-Y-DC

  • HD-***-G02-DL-Y-DC

  • HD-***-G02-LW-Y-DC

  • HD-***-G02-LW-Y-DC

HDG02-DL-AC (single)

Description of Model

HD *** G02 LW/DL

Directional control valve

Spool Type

Valve size

Wiring connection type
High flow wet pin Solenoid
Directional control valve
(plug-in board type)
Refer to 技術支援 The
List Of Spool Function
G02 1/4”
Box type
Din type
Y/YV V Description of feature
SERIES NO. Voltage(V) Model
High efficiency and low current for DC
solenoid directional Control valve HD-G02-Y-DC
DC12 DC24 Voltage(V) 12 24 24
High efficiency and low current for DC
solenoid directional Control valve HD-G02-YV-DC
DC24 Holding Current(A) 1.68 1.16 0.69
Pressure range(KG) 70~250 70~250 <70

Y Type & YV Type temperature rise performance

  1. ​The operational pressure in the test of the coil temperature is 70kgf/cm².
  2. The coil temperature test at a constant temperature of 25°C degrees in the laboratory.
  3. DC24 coil type, for example.

Y Type & YV Type Valve Feature

  1. Dual line tank design reduces the pressure drop resulting in better flow characteristies.
  2. The spool's design is the increased size and can improve the better flow characteristics Huge increasing of back-pressure of back-pressure allowable and lower internal resistance.
  3. New type of magnetic coil and tube combination, enable the solenoid valve can lower the temperature effectively during operation.
  4. New special design type of coil can lower current effectively, even energy-saving. Can reach the high flow and pressure as the same as E-type.
  5. Y and YV series solenoid valves can start with 20VDC.
  6. YV series will maintain a low coil temperature and a low current usage.


  1. The feature and function of Y & YV series coils are only for the G02 DC solenoid valve series.
  2. The Y & YV Coil color difference is that the YV coil is BLUE and the Y coil is BLACK.

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